Why isn’t everyone doing it?

I recently did some research as a precursor to updating my services. I wanted to know how people used email marketing in their businesses and to identify why some people aren’t utilising email.

So, what were the main reasons people don’t build an email list?

Number one – GDPR

The GDPR laws that came into effect in 2018 have made some businesses nervous. They don’t want to use email as they think it’s ‘spammy’ and that people don’t want to hear from them.

Personally, I think GDPR has done wonders for email marketing. Yes, a lot of subscribers were lost, but those that remained are much more engaged. Everyone that signs up now WANTS to be on your list. They WANT to hear from you. When you serve your audience and provide them with valuable content they will be excited when you sell!

Email marketing platforms provide you with a number of tools to help ensure that you remain GDPR compliant;

– Double opt-in on signup
– Unsubscribe links
– GDPR Forms
– Electronic sign-up trail
– Two factor authentication account sign-in

Make use of these and stay permission based, and you can’t go wrong. It’s that old adage, treat others how you would like to be treated.

Number two – I have nothing to say

Some businesses thought that they didn’t need a list as they had nothing to sell or didn’t know what they would say.

But if you don’t create and build a list, what happens when you do have something to sell? How will you sell it?

As for having nothing to say? Here’s just a small list of ideas;

– Share new products
– Share behind the scenes
– Run promotions
– Offer freebies
– Ask for and share feedback/testimonials
– Survey/poll your audience to test ideas

Number three – Time

Setting up and becoming familiar with email marketing software does take time. As does content creation. But the return of investment for the time is certainly be worth it! But how do you fit it in if you’re already short on time? Well there’s two great time saving methods i’d recommend; utilise the automation tools available and outsource the work to an expert such as myself!