What to say; product-based businesses

It is estimated that a person needs to see or come into contact with a product seven times before buying.

So, if someone has signed up to you email list we can conclude that you have already come into contact with them several times, that you are firmly on their radar and that they are a potential customer. The key is to SERVE your subscribers with useful content until they are ready to spend.

But what can you say and send to keep them engaged?

Offer a discount on your product
– Let’s face it, this is one of the main reasons we sign up to the mailing lists of our favourite brands or brands we’re thinking of trying. The hope of saving a little bit of money and ‘justifying’ our purchase!

Follow up on abandoned carts
– MailChimp state that 69% of online shoppers abandon their carts. By sending branded follow up email sequences to remind shoppers of what they’ve left behind (and even including personalised product recommendations) you can massively increase your sales.

Share your products in use
– Video tutorials, pictures of real customers using and enjoying your products and written testimonials all help to build confidence in your product.

Poll your audience for feedback and to see what they want next
– Use your list for market research, find out what they want to see from you. This will make them feel valued and provide you with vital ideas and feedback.

Promote new products
– Give your subscribers first look at any new products you may have launching. Run exclusive early bird offers as a thank you to your loyal following. You could even ask them to test products for you!