Welcome Series

In research carried out by GetRespone (on 4 billion emails), the average open rate of a welcome email was a massive 82.21%! That’s four times the average open rate of standard email. So, an automated welcome series is a bit of a no brainer right?!

What’s included?

A branded, automated series of up to six emails. Content will be adapted for your specific business and goals, but examples include;

  • Delivery of a lead magnet (if one was promised)
  • An introduction to you and your business
  • A summary of what they can expect from you and your newsletters
  • An explanation of how your service or product solve their problem
  • Testimonials
  • Special offers
  • An invitation to connect on social media
  • Questions that will enable you to identify what the subscriber wants/needs so that you can tailor your content and deliver quality email

This package is only £150.00.