Using geolocation for email marketing

You may know WHO your customers are, but do you know WHERE they are?

All data is useful when creating personalised email marketing campaigns, luckily geolocation is one piece of valuable data which many email platforms now provide. Geolocation is compelling because knowing where your audience is can be as useful as knowing their preferences.

What is Geolocation?

Geolocation is geographic location data which is collected when subscribers sign up through your forms or interact with an email you’ve sent. Geolocation counts the number of times your email is opened in each country, region, and state and in some cases breaks down their desktop, webmail, and mobile opens. 

How to use Geolocation

You should use geolocation data to build tailored segments for your campaigns; with informed design, send time, and copy for each location. I would highly recommend the book Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion for insight to assist in creating location relevant design and copy.

Examples of how to use geolocation for segmenting;

  • If you have an online business and your goal is to increase sales in a certain region, you could create a segment that combines location and e-commerce conditions to identify customers from that region.
  • If you have brick and mortar stores you can identify consumers who are located near to a particular store and offer a discount at that location.

I mention send time above, and whilst there isn’t necessarily a “perfect time” to send an email, you can use geolocation data for send time optimisation. If the majority of your subscribers are in the US for example, then it probably makes sense to send when they are awake and actually checking email.

Examples of time optimisation with geolocation;

  • If you are hosting events in different locations around the world – let’s say San Francisco, London, and Boston – you can target emails specifically for each event instead of sending one general email to your entire list.

How accurate is Geolocation?

For highly populated areas, where records in the database are extensive, you can get pinpoint accuracy, but in other cases only quite broad areas are associated with a particular IP address. The accuracy of the IP-to-location database will increase over time as more and more data is gathered.

Geolocation is another powerful email marketing tool, allowing your communication to become more focused and targeted so make sure to utilise it!