The Automated Welcome Series

For me the welcome email series is a bit of a no brainer.

An individual hears about you from a friend and is intrigued. A month later one of your posts pops up on their social media feed, they remember the name and follow the link to your website. They aren’t ready to buy your product or service yet, but they do like what they see. They subscribe to your mailing list.

The first few hours, days and weeks after this individual subscribes to your mailing list is when they are at their ‘warmest’. You need to utilise this time.

In research carried out by GetRespone (on 4 billion sent emails), the open rate of a welcome email was a massive 82.21%! That’s four times the average open rate of standard email.

Getting that high open rate will subsequently help boost your email deliverability. If you want to see your average email deliverability and conversion rates soar then just make sure to add something click-worthy to your welcome messages.  

What can you include in a welcome series?

  • Delivery of a lead magnet (if one was promised)
  • An introduction to you and your business
  • A summary of what they can expect from you and your newsletters
  • An explanation of how your service or product solves their problem
  • A personalised video, or exclusive content available only to the newly joined subscribers.
  • Testimonials
  • Special offers/discount code
  • An invitation to connect on social media
  • Questions that will enable you to identify what the subscriber wants/needs so that you can tailor your content and deliver quality emails

When you have a welcome series set up you can focus on enhancing the customer experience and respond to inquiries or resolve issues. Marketing automations like this can help you save time, improve engagement, and benefit your bottom line.

Find out more about my Welcome Series Package here.