Welcome, come on in!

Before they even sign up to your mailing list you need to be thinking about how you will welcome your new subscriber.

You’ve got to the point where people are actively showing interest in your business, giving you permission to share more information with them. Directly into their inbox. And we all know first impressions count, so it’s time to set expectations for this next stage in your customers journey and create the perfect welcome email.

Welcome emails are automated messages sent immediately following subscription. Most email marketing platforms provide a basic template and set wording for welcome automations and many business owners don’t even realise that their subscribers will be receiving this generic welcome. Some are aware but don’t make the necessary changes due to a lack of technical knowledge, or because they are unsure of what to say.

This is a big mistake! The average open rate for email marketing is roughly 20%, however open rates for welcome emails are much higher than typical email correspondence. The average open rate for a welcome email being between 50-60 percent %. 

You should utilise this high read rate by;

• Taking some time to work on the design of your welcome email, using your logo and branding. Whilst most businesses are sending welcome emails with static and un-engaging messaging, you’ll be providing an experience that will shape the way customers and supporters think of your business.

• Following up on your promises. Include the discount or resource you used as an incentive to get people to sign up.

• Telling people what to expect. Remember to include details about the type of content you plan to send, how frequently you plan to send it, and the expertise you plan to share.

• Ensuring you avoid getting flagged as spam, and improve your chances of getting noticed in your readers’ inbox.

74% of new subscribers EXPECT to receive a welcome email.

Therefore they will be looking out for it, retrieving it from any filters it may fall foul of. Getting you email opened may help many providers recognise you as a safe source however it’s always a great idea to directly ask subscribers to add your business to their trusted contact.