What to say; service-based businesses

Service-based businesses can often find approaching newsletter content harder than product-based businesses. If this is the case for you, then I suggest looking at newsletters as a way to help your subscriber become familiar with your business, your brand and your industry. Serve them by sharing knowledge and creating an experience, with your aim being to build trust before inviting them to hire you.

So, what can you say and send to keep them engaged?

Share your business story

       Keep subscribers up to date with how your business is developing. Inform them of any new services you start offering. Tell them about trainings you attend and any qualifications you gain as a result. Introduce any staff within the business so subscribers know who they may come into contact if they work with you.

Share industry news

       By updating subscribers on relevant industry news and sharing your views on these developments you show that you are relevant and active within your circle.


       Share tips and knowledge, this gives the subscriber value as well as building your reputation as an expert in your field. 

Offer a discount on your service

       An introductory offer may help sway an indecisive follower. Equally a ‘refer a friend’ scheme may keep current and previous clients engaged.

Share your reviews

       Testimonials from previous customers help to build confidence in your service.

Poll your audience

       Use your list for market research, find out what they need. This will make them feel valued and provide you with vital ideas and feedback.